Crayola Scoot

PLATFORMS Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC
GENRE Sports
DEVELOPER Climax Studios


The Battle for the Crayola Cup is on!

Get ready to trigger traps with a tailwhip, spray on a speed boost and out-combo competition – right to the last second. To be champion you’ll need to beat the Scoot Legends in a rainbow of exciting events like Splatter Tag, Trick Run and a new twist on the classic game of S.C.O.O.T. Or grab your friends for a split screen color clash, with 4-player fun to make any party pop. Just remember, bigger stunts mean more color – and in Crayola Scoot, color can change the world in impossible ways.


  • Create your own Crayola Scoot character and start your journey to becoming scooter legend

  • Perform insane tricks and jumps to splash your color and activate traps, boosts and shortcuts

  • Upgrade your scooter and your rider’s style as you rise to fame and challenge for the championship

  • Keep it fresh with 6 team and solo events including Color Frenzy, Crazy Crayon, Splatter Tag. S.C.O.O.T and Trick Run

  • Challenge the outrageous Scoot Legends for the Crayola Color Cup on 12 parks across 3 worlds

  • Splat your friends in 4-player split-screen battles



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